What does it mean to resurface something?

Resurfacing is the application of a new coating to restore old bath-tubs, sinks, countertops, tile surfaces, cabinets and appliances etc.

If I choose Resurfacing how long will it last?

With proper care and normal every day usage it can last for years.

How long after resurfacing before I can use it?

It is a short 24 hours away from regular use.

What if your colors shown do not match my property?

Let us create a custom color to make your unit brand new again.

Can You help me with Appliances?

Yes, we can help with fireplaces, refrigerators, stoves, and so much more.

What is an In-lay?

A solution to replacing, with a thin fiberglass piece custom cut to fit the shape of your tub repair.

What If the Unit is Occupied?

We can still resurface. Royal Finish Inc. was the first to implement the Resident Release of Liability Program. Insuring your resident understands and comes home to a beautiful new resurface. Most jobs require the resident to only be gone for 6 to 8 hours.

Caring for your Resurface

Regular cleaning will enhance the beauty and durability of your finished surfaces. As with all surfaces, abrasive or acid based cleaning products should be avoided.

RECOMMENDED products for cleaning:

• Lysol Tub & Tile

• Dow Tub & Tile

• Fantastic

• 409

• Windex

• Bleach (mixed with small amounts with water)


AVOIDED products (when cleaning):

• Lime-Away

• Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner

• Heavy Scouring Pads

• Tile-X

• Aerosol Cleaners